Recent Publications

Group Leader: Ismael Galve-Roperh

Aguado, T.*, Huerga-Gómez, A.*, Sánchez-de la Torre, A., Resel, E., Chara, J.C., Matute, C., Mato, S., Galve-Roperh, I., Guzmán, M., Palazuelos, J. (2021) Δ9-Tetrahydrocannabinol promotes functional remyelination in the mouse brain. British Journal of Pharmacology.

Paraíso-Luna, J., Aguareles, J., Martín, R., Ayo-Martín, A.C., Simón-Sánchez, S., García-Rincón, D., Costas-Insua, C., García-Taboada, E., de Salas-Quiroga, A., Díaz-Alonso, J., Liste, I., Sánchez-Prieto, J., Cappello, S., Guzmán, M., Galve-Roperh, I. (2020) Endocannabinoid signalling in stem cells and cerebral organoids drives differentiation to deep layer projection neurons via CB1 receptors. Development.

Huerga-Gómez, A., Aguado, T., Sánchez-de la Torre, A., Bernal-Chico, A., Matute, C., Mato, S., Guzmán, M., Galve-Roperh, I., Palazuelos, J. (2020) Δ9-Tetrahydrocannabinol promotes oligodendrocyte development and CNS myelination in vivo. Glia.

de Salas-Quiroga, A.*, García-Rincón, D.*, Gómez-Domínguez, D., Valero, M., Simón-Sánchez, S., Paraíso-Luna, J., Aguareles, J., Pujadas, M., Muguruza, C., Callado, L. F., Lutz, B., Guzmán, M., de la Prida, L. M., Galve-Roperh, I. (2020) Long-term hippocampal interneuronopathy drives sex-dimorphic spatial memory impairment induced by prenatal THC exposure. Neuropsychopharmacology.

Aguareles, J., Paraíso-Luna, J., Palomares, B., Bajo-Grañeras, R., Navarrete, C., Ruiz-Calvo, A., García-Rincón, D., García-Taboada, E., Guzmán, M., Muñoz, E., Galve-Roperh, I. (2019) Oral administration of the cannabigerol derivative VCE-003.2 promotes subventricular zone neurogenesis and protects against mutant huntingtin-induced neurodegeneration. Translational Neurodegeneration.

García-Rincón, D., Díaz-Alonso, J., Paraíso-Luna, J., Ortega, Z., Aguareles, J., de Salas-Quiroga, A., Jou, C., de Prada, I., Martínez-Cerdeño, V., Aronica, E., Guzmán, M., Pérez-Jiménez, M.Á., Galve-Roperh, I. (2019) Contribution of Altered Endocannabinoid System to Overactive mTORC1 Signaling in Focal Cortical Dysplasia. Frontiers in Pharmacology.

Campos, A.C., Fogaça, M.V., Scarante, F.F., Joca, S.R., Salles, A.J., Gomes, F.V., Sonego, A.B., Rodrigues, N.S., Galve-Roperh, I., Guimarães, F.S. (2017) Plastic mechanisms involved in the therapeutical effects of cannabidiol in psychiatric disorders. Frontiers in Pharmacology.

Bravo-Ferrer, I., Cuartero, M.I., Zarruk, J.G., Pradillo, J.M., Hurtado, O., Romera, V.G., Díaz-Alonso, J., García-Segura, J.M., Guzmán, M., Lizasoain, I., Galve-Roperh, I., Moro M.A. (2017) Cannabinoid type 2 receptor drives neurogenesis and improves functional outcome after stroke. Stroke.

Díaz-Alonso, J., de Salas-Quiroga, A., Garcez, P.P., Parsons, M., Andradas, C., Paraíso-Luna, J., García-Rincón, D., Sánchez, C., Guillemot, F., Guzmán, M., Galve-Roperh, I. (2017) Loss of cannabinoid CB1 receptors induces cortical migration malformations and increases seizure susceptibility. Cerebral Cortex.

Díaz-Alonso, J., Paraíso-Luna, J., Navarrete, C., del Río, C., Cantarero, I., Palomares, B., Aguareles, J., Fernández-Ruiz, J.J., Luz-Bellido, M., Pollastro, F., Appendino, G., Calzado, M.A., Galve-Roperh, I., Muñoz. E. (2016) VCE-003.2, a novel cannabigerol derivative, enhances neuronal progenitor cell survival and alleviates symptomatology in murine models of Huntington’s disease. Scientific Reports.

de Salas-Quiroga, A., Díaz-Alonso, J., García-Rincón, D., Remmers, F., Vega, D., Gómez-Cañas, M., Lutz, B., Guzmán, M., Galve-Roperh, I. (2015) Prenatal exposure to cannabinoids evokes long-lasting functional alterations by targeting CB1 receptors on developing cortical neurons. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America.

Stern, C.A., Gazarini, L., Vanvossen, A.C., Zuardi, A.W., Galve-Roperh, I., Guimaraes, F.S., Takahashi, R.N., Bertoglio, L.J. (2015) Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol alone and combined with cannabidiol mitigate fear memory through reconsolidation disruption. European Neuropsychopharmacology.

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Díaz, J., Aguado, T., Wu, C., Palazuelos, J., Hofmann, C., Garcez, P., Guillemot, F., Lu, H.C., Lutz, B., Guzmán, M., Galve-Roperh, I. (2012) CB1 cannabinoid receptors drive corticospinal motor neuron specification through the Ctip2/Satb2 transcriptional regulation axis. Journal of Neuroscience.

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